The Best feature in OS X Mavericks is AirDrop and here is a question, OS X Mavericks upgrade (10.9) can be installed on any Mac and Windows computers. How to convert PDF in OS X Mavericks to any format like text, ePub, html, excel, word and ppt.

Firstarsoft PDF Converter for OS X Mavericks can make PDF conversion in OS X Mavericks extremely smooth while maintain original layout and formatting in the output documents, and convert PDF to text, ePub, html, Excel, Word, ppt on OS X Mavericks according to your specific needs,

PDF Converter for OS X Mavericks converts pdf file with profession for easy transferring/saving PDF file onto mobile, iPad, Galaxy Note and other tablets, and converted pdf in Mac OS X Mavericks can be editable, especially for pdf to word conversion.

OS X Mavericks PDF Converter manages text from scanned, image-based PDF files, PDF with Owner Password, user Password or other protection directly without the password.

PDF Converter Pro for Mac Mavericks:

How to convert PDF to in OS X Mavericks ?

Note: if you use Windows operating system, please free download PDF Converter for Windows.

1. Import PDF files

Drag your PDF files into the program. And they will appear in the program as below.

Note: You can import as many as 50 PDF files for one batch conversion.

2. Select an output format for the exported documents

Click the icon for the selected PDF file to select an output format for the exported document. You can select MS Office Word, MS Office Excel, MS Office PowerPoint, HTML Document, Text Documents, or Electronic Publication from the format list. The default format is MS Office Word.

3. Convert PDF files

Click the Convert button to start the conversion. There will be a process bar indicating the current process during conversion.

Note: The Convert button will become a Cancel button after the conversion starts. During the conversion, you can terminate the conversion by clicking the Cancel button in the program.

How to perform OCR to scanned PDF files? (PDF Converter Pro for Mac)

To perform OCR to your scanned PDF files, just launch PDF converter for Mac OS X Mavericks and you can find a small checkbox below the panel, you can convert scanned PDF files with OCR by default. If you just need to convert normal PDF files, you can untick the checkbox to disable OCR, which can help you convert PDF files quicker.

Note: before converting scanned PDF files, you need to choose the right languages for the output documents by choosing PDF Converter Pro > Preference… from the top menu.

Supported recognition languages are: English, Turkish, Greek, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Romanian, and Catalan.

PDF Converter Pro for Mac Mavericks:

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